Parallel Products Requests Community Feedback on Expansion

Parallel Products announced it will engage the community for feedback for its new investments plans in New Bedford.

Parallel Products looks for sustainable and responsible ways to deal with unsaleable or unusable materials without sending them to the landfill. Parallel processes these materials with a goal to maximize use and create zero waste.

“For the past ten years, Parallel has been proud to invest in the great community of New Bedford,” CEO Gene Kiesel said. “We remain committed to an open, transparent dialogue with the city and community about a path forward.”

Parallel has engaged experts to look at the potential impact to the local economy, environment, and traffic. The company is also soliciting direct feedback from neighbors and business leaders.

“Our goal is to provide an important service while continuing to operate as a good community partner,” Kiesel continued. “We will evaluate information from outside experts, feedback from neighbors and opinions from elected officials as we prepare for what’s next.”

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at outreach@parallelproducts.com